SETA engineering apprentices Sarah Chadwick, Charlotte Walker and Nicole McGahey were praised by industry leaders at the Group Training Association (GTA) Annual Conference on the 24th of October 2013! The apprentices who joined SETA in September 2013 delivered a presentation about ‘Women in Engineering’ at the National Conference which brought together leaders from Training Associations across the country. The GTA England Annual Conference was a prestigious event and an opportunity for managers from Ofstead, Training Associations and employers, including Rolls Royce along with MP’s to present and discuss changes to the training environment. The presentation from the three SETA apprentices was praised by the leaders for their courageous efforts to promote women in engineering. The girls views was a wake-up call to MP’s to push education in schools about engineering and the apprenticeship route!

From left to right Russell Prince, CEO of SETA, Sarah Chadwick, Charlotte Walker, Nicole McGahey and Mark Maudsley, CEO GTA England.

From left to right Russell Prince, CEO of SETA, Sarah Chadwick, Charlotte Walker, Nicole McGahey and Mark Maudsley, CEO GTA England.










The three girls covered topics such as why they had decided to get into engineering and how SETA had supported their decision to take up an engineering apprenticeship. The apprentices also highlighted barriers that were preventing young women such as themselves getting into engineering emphasising that schools should provide more information about engineering apprenticeships from an earlier age. Also, the apprentices stressed that society and parents have a big part to play in challenging stereotypes and encouraging female uptake in engineering. Sarah, Charlotte and Nicole received glowing feedback from managers and GTA England CEO, Mark Maudsley:

 “As ever, it always seems to be the Apprentices who steal the show and this year was no exception – the input was very well received.  The content and confidence with which it was delivered was testament to Sarah’s, Nicole’s and Charlottes enthusiasm and commitment to the occupation which holds them in very good stead now and doubtless into the future.”

The apprentices greatly enjoyed the day as it was a chance and it was a valuable chance to meet and share their apprenticeship experiences with decision makers across the country.










Sarah Chadwick (Jacobs Engineering) shares with us her experiences of the day:

“Going to SETA you only really expect to achieve your HNC and complete the first year of training, but you get to participate in so much more. I never thought I would be showing a presentation about women in engineering to almost 50 chief executives and board members of the group training association, and I never thought it would be such a success. It was a great experience to practice communication skills and the other girls and I have been in contact with some people afterwards to continue promoting women engineering. I would recommend it to anybody as it is a massive confidence boost and makes you want to do it again!”









Charlotte Walker (Jacobs Engineering) also discusses how the event has supported her development at SETA:   

“The day was really enjoyable and glad I got the opportunity to do it as I have gained the skills of being confident to stand in front of a larger number of people.

I got into engineering as I feel once you have got into it as a career, you will most likely stick with it for the rest of your life as there are so many opportunities out there. Also I find it interesting as I like to find out how things work and seeing the final product that I have made from start to end.”

The girls continue to promote girls in engineering through delivering workshops in local schools and working alongside organisation such as WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).

If you are a female aged 16-18 and interested in engineering? Have you considered an engineering apprenticeship? We would love to hear from you!

We will be opening the recruitment process for engineering apprenticeships for September 2014 from March 2014. Please contact the Business Development Team us to discuss the engineering opportunities at SETA: 0161 480 9822 or email Kerrie Harris: