SETA has kick-started its work experience at SETA’s Training Centre in Stockport! Work experience for local young people is being held over the next few weeks to get more young people involved in engineering! 27 Year 10/11 students are joining SETA over the next two weeks to get a taste of what it is like to be an engineering apprentice. This is the first time SETA has offered work experience as part of SETA’s strategy of engaging more local young people and attracting more youngsters into engineering.

A number of local schools have got involved in the programme including Marple Hall, Preistnall High, Aquinas College, Stockport High and St Annes High School and have been fantastic at working with SETA to capture young people. The Work Experience entails mainly practical work with students rotating around sections but focusing on the fitting and welding sections to undertake an engineering project SETA has set them. Students have been given the project of making a tool box, a challenging but exciting task for students, many of whom have little practical engineering experience.

SETA is also delivering classroom based workshops for individuals including a specific session for girls. Kerrie Harris, Marketing Exec and Helen Wilson, Training Assessor delivered to the session which got young women Charis Stephenson (Marple Hall) and Sarah Chadwick (Aquinas College) involved in a question and answer session which also involved videos and case studies of women in engineering. Kerrie is driving the campaign to get more girls into engineering and address the gender divide in engineering in the UK.

















Comments from some of the young people include:










“I have had a really good week and it has definately made me want to get into engineering. I have enjoyed the pratical element and the independance we are given in undertaking our own work. The Instructors are great and are always here to help.”

   Charis Stephenson, 15, Marple Hall


“I have always wanted to be an engineer but this has been the first chance I have had to get some practical engineering experience. The tutors have been great and have been really clear at showing us how to use the machinery.  I want to get into civil engineering and have always liked Maths but this has given me the more practical, creative experience I need to know that engineering is the right route for me.”

Niall Bradshaw, 17, Marple College









“This week has been a really great experience. I have realised that I do want to pursue engineering and want to apply to SETA next year. Even though there is only a few girls here I don’t feel out of place at all and everyone is really welcoming.”

Sarah Chadwick, 17, Aquinas College

Students are enjoying the time at SETA, finding it a good change from their class room routine at college. We hope to see these young people apply at SETA next year. SETA are currently recruiting engineering apprentices for 2013/12. If you are an employer in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire or Greater Manchester and interested in recruiting an engineering apprentice please contact the Business Development Team at SETA today!