Apprenticeship reform and implementation
of the Apprenticeship levy in 2019/2020

Significant changes are taking place to the UK skills system that will affect businesses that recruit Apprentices or train their existing staff through Apprenticeships.

The Apprenticeship reform and implementation of the levy will impact on organisations of all sizes and is the biggest single change to the UK skills system in a generation.

The key driver behind the reforms is the Government’s target of creating 3 million more Apprentices by 2020.

At a local level this equates to creating another 25,000 to 30,000 apprenticeships in Greater Manchester.


As an Employer, what are the benefits to me in participating in an Apprenticeship programme?

Participating in an Apprenticeship programme ensures that you will have an employee that is not only trained to industry standards but you have the opportunity to introduce them  to your unique workplace conditions

An Apprenticeship programme will support the future needs of your business ensuring your workforce of the future has the relevant skills, knowledge and commitment required to keep your business functioning Contact Us.- Plan your future workforce.

An Apprenticeship programme will allow you to have within your company a pool of experienced employees of different ages so that you will be better able to plan to meet future workforce needs due to any expansion plans that you may have or due to the retirement of older trades personnel.

Recruiting potential Apprentices through SETA’s Apprenticeship Programme is a cost-effective solution to training and retaining young workers.

SETA have over fifty years of experience providing Apprenticeship programmes, many of clients have told us (and there is lots of other evidence available) that the apprentices that were hired developed a loyalty to the company, this in turn leads to a more stable and reliable workforce.

How do I know I’m getting the best person to meet the requirements of our Apprenticeship programme?

  • At SETA, we operate through our schools programmes, meeting potential learners from the age of 14 and offer guidance to help them to decide which career path is best for them.
  • You can observe the potential of individuals on a trial basis to see if they are a good fit with your workplace.
  • You will provide opportunities for young people to pursue rewarding careers in areas where there are potential skills shortages.
  • Apprentices are a valuable resource and can bring expertise in the latest technology and computer software.
  • Apprentices bring ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.
  • Being involved in Apprenticeship programmes enhances your public image and consumer loyalty.

As the Employer, what are my responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the employer will be discussed in detail when you first meet with a member of our recruitment team. In general, the employer is responsible for ensuring:

  • Your apprentice must be given the opportunity for off-the-job training with SETA or at an alternative training centre
  • On-the-job training
  • A Safe Working Environment
  • The apprentice has a written contract of employment.