Test your knowledge of apprenticeships with National Apprenticeship Week 2015 quiz!

You may find your existing understanding of apprenticeships challenged, and even find out something surprising!

Do you know by how much could doing a level 4 higher apprenticeship increase your lifetime earnings?

National Apprenticeship Week runs from 9 to 13 March – throughout the week we will be using facts and statistics about apprenticeships to bring the week alive and hopefully do a bit of myth-busting along the way.

Why not test your knowledge of apprenticeships with our short quiz?

The objective of National Apprenticeship Week 2015 is to increase awareness and take-up of apprenticeships and traineeships and the overarching theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2015 is a challenge to us all to think about how much we really know about apprenticeships.

via: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/test-your-knowledge-of-apprenticeships-with-our-quiz

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