Apprenticeship Job Interview Preparation

Preparing thoroughly for your interview means you are more likely to have a successful interview
For some people an interview can feel so daunting that they’d rather not think about it beforehand but hope that they can wing it on the day. But if you just rely on leaving it to luck you are more likely to be affected by nerves and a lack of confidence. It is therefore important to prepare thoroughly so that you can present yourself as professionally as possible.

This short article takes you through 3 important steps to help you prepare.

Step 1 – Do your research Find out as much as you can about the company prior to the interview – so that you can sound knowledgeable and enthusiastic about wanting to work there. You can use the following tools to help you do your research:

The Company Website – is always a good start to get a feel for the corporate feel of the company and the its vision

Company Annual Report and News Page – check out these pages on the website to give you current news and updates on the company

Industry sources – check out any business publications or websites that may have articles on the company to see what has recently been written about your potential employer and their industry.

Step 2 – Identify likely interview questions Brainstorm all the possible questions you may get asked. To help get ideas – look at the job description to see what sort of qualities, skills and experience are needed for the role. Here are a few common questions that apply to most jobs:

– Tell me about yourself

– How would your current boss describe you?

– How would your colleagues describe you?

– Why should I offer this job to you?

– What are the main strengths you’d bring to this job?

– What’s your biggest weakness?

– Why did you choose this career?

– Show me how you use your communication skills in your current job

– Why do you think you’re a good team player?

– Why do you want this job?

– Why are you leaving your current job?

– What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the past 3 years?

– Sell yourself to me.

Step 3 – Interview Practice To help you fully prepare for each question, go through the following process:

– Write the question on one side of a prompt card

– Write your response on the other side

– Practice out aloud both saying the question and giving your response

– Fine tune your response, where necessary

By going through this practical process you will develop key words, phrases and ideas that you will be able to call upon in the interview. Once you practised a few times yourself try to get a friend to take the role of the interviewer to help practise your responses.

Remember – it’s the act of practising out aloud that’s important – you can’t achieve the same level of confidence by just saying it in your head. By going through these preparation processes you will be better equipped and more likely to have a successful interview.

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