Higher Apprenticeships in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

SETA as an engineering apprentice training provider have always offered a well-recognised and varied range of training and qualifications for young people to start their engineering career. These continue to include Apprenticeship at level 2 and Advanced Apprenticeship to level 3 for post 16 learners.

The Higher Apprenticeship offers an alternative to undertaking a degree post completion of AS or A level.

Undertaking a Higher Apprenticeship includes units from the ‘Performing Engineering Operations’ qualifications, completion of a Higher National Certificate in Engineering and completing an NVQ 4 in the workplace.

The Higher Apprenticeship in engineering aims to offer employers an alternative or additional option to the recruitment of graduates with no work experience.

A Higher Apprenticeship incorporates a work-based learning programme and leads to a nationally recognised qualification at Level 4 and above:

  • Level 4 and 5 is equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or a foundation degree
  • Level 6 is equivalent to a bachelor degree
  • Level 7 is equivalent to a master’s degree
    They offer a new work-based route into professions which have traditionally been the preserve of graduates.

SETA offers a number of pathways for employers which include:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Rail Engineering

For prospective employees this apprenticeship offers an alternative career route: whilst being able to undertake qualification recognised by the professional institutes, gaining valuable work experience, having employed status and receiving an income. The Higher Apprenticeship is available to all age groups.

Like all apprenticeships higher apprentices will be employed and the apprenticeship provides a framework for training. It will be both academically and practically challenging developing a range of skills to prepare the apprentice for a career in engineering which could lead to senior posts within dynamic companies. Young people can start a career at from the age of 18.

SETA (Stockport Engineering Training Association) is one of the North West longest established engineering training providers. We provide an important contact for young people and their parents, seeking to secure an engineering apprenticeship. In partnership and on behalf of employers we deliver training in our centre and in company over the duration of the apprenticeship.

Higher apprenticeships in engineering will cover disciplines across design, manufacturing, maintenance and technical product development, reflecting engineering diversity and future challenges. For sixth formers they will offer a career path and opportunity to work with an apprentice training provider whilst being employed. High level skills shortages in engineering offer a fantastic opportunity for those willing to work hard and realise their potential.

The Higher Apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering provides an alternative and additional option to employers who would normally only recruit graduates.

The advantages to the apprentice are that they have the opportunity to learn and earn while gaining valuable experience in the workplace and not accumulating thousands of pounds of dept. They are also working alongside experienced staff and achieving qualifications that are an employer recognised mainstream route to senior level industry careers.

The benefits to the employer are:

  • Reducing training and recruitment costs
  • Developing a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce
  • Increasing productivity and their bottom line
  • Increasing customer service results and providing a financial return on investment

The scheme is government funded and it offers the opportunity to recruit high achievers who are highly motivated and the company can develop the apprentice to meet future company needs and fill the widening high level skills gap. Over all the Higher Apprenticeship have benefits for all parties involved, commented Julie Burns, SETA Learning and Skills Academy Manager

To arrange a meeting and gain more information on Higher Apprenticeships please contact Julie Burns at apprenticeships@setatraining.com or call our office: (0)161 480 9822.