Testimonials – Engineering Apprenticeships

Sarah Chadwick, Jacobs Engineering

“Going to SETA you only really expect to achieve your HNC and complete the first year of training, but you get to participate in so much more. I never thought I would be showing a presentation about women in engineering to almost 50 chief executives and board members of the group training association, and I never thought it would be such a success. It was a great experience to practice communication skills and the other girls and I have been in contact with some people afterwards to continue promoting women engineering. I would recommend it to anybody as it is a massive confidence boost and makes you want to do it again!”

Charlotte Walker, Jacobs Engineering

“I got into engineering as I feel once you have got into it as a career, you will most likely stick with it for the rest of your life as there are so many opportunities out there. Also I find it interesting as I like to find out how things work and seeing the final product that I have made from start to end.”

Chloe Feeney, SETA Apprentice 

“I decided to get into engineering because I enjoy a challenge and am more practically minded. I am applied to SETA because they work with a range of engineering employers and there are lots of opportunities here. I am really enjoying my time here and glad I didn’t choose a career path that most girls seem to go down.”   


“It’s a win win situation. I’m being trained in engineering skills and being paid and working for company”.

Jay Imiolek, NXP Semiconductors, 2013

“I can see progression and where it can me. I gain more practical skills and the commitment by the trainers and employers is great. I’m looking forward to moving into working in my company after training at SETA.”

Luke Gilham, Costain, 2013

I’m getting paid to learn. It’s not just a job it’s the start of my engineering career. After I applied SETA helped me get my apprenticeship…I like the mechanical hands on work in machining and fitting”.

George Booth, Technical Apprentice Renold Chains

 “I am really pleased I chose to undertake an engineering apprenticeship as I am enjoying the varied training and am in full time paid employment with Jacobs whilst being  trained- we need to see more girls in engineering!” 

Beth Appleby, Design Engineer, Jacobs


 “Our Open Evening was an exciting event and good to show people our prestigious training facilities. I enjoyed telling people about the benefits of engineering and sharing my experiences with teenagers”…   “There are so many perks to engineering; it would be great so see more youngsters getting involved in apprenticeships”.

Jordan Dixie, Monopumps

“I was glad to get the Electrical Section Award as it relates to my job and will improve my career progression and opportunities. I delivered the ‘Voice of an Apprentice’ speech on the evening which was really nerve wracking as I didn’t know there was going to be so many people! The highlight was meeting Chelsea Spokes.”   

Greg Mellor (1st Electrical Section Award 2013) 

“I received two awards 1st in the BTEC Award and 2nd in the Health & Safety Award which I was pleased with and it was great to get recognition from SETA. It was a well-rounded evening and a nice mix of class, humour and sophistication and a good chance for everyone to mix.”

Daniel Floyde (BTEC Award Winnner 2013)








CEO Russell Prince (Left) with Barbara Smith, Deputy Manager, Amec (Middle) SETA STAR Award Winner

AMEC have been involved with SETA for many years and their service, from sourcing suitable candidates, conducting assessment test and their rigorous but important first year of workshop practice, through to assessing NVQ portfolios at our sites,  is all part of the package that SETA delivers to clients such as us. 

Having a training provider that understands the needs of the client is part of the partnership offering they provide and is an invaluable service.”

Particular mention must go to the very experienced supervisors within the workshop areas, who give a mature and professional approach to the emerging engineers”.

 Barbara Smith, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Amec

Ruth Jagger(left) being awarded cheque by SETA Apprentices Tom Costello and Joel Bardon

“I was so impressed with the whole concept of what you offer for young people and the support you not only give in a learning capacity but on a personal level to encourage them to become thoughtful, caring and  understanding members of society.  We were delighted to be chosen as your charity of the year for 2012/13 and we are  extremely grateful for the fantastic donation of £2800.00, which I received during the Awards Evening.

Your donation will allow four very sick children to  join us on our annual flight to Lapland this December, where they will get to meet the real Father Christmas in person.  This very special date has been put in their diary because of the dedication to fundraise by the apprentices at SETA.”

Ruth Jagger, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ Deputy Manager

Gary Brice, Engineering Manager

As a global business providing Design and Engineering services and solutions to our core clients people are our greatest asset. Working together with SETA has allowed the initial Apprentice program in Jacobs Manchester to seek good talent locally, provide competent selection and interview support with candidates. SETA now understand the very high standards both technically and academically that our company and clients have come to expect to develop the earlier career individuals to help promote them and our company forward in the demographic challenges.

We have put all our apprentices through SETA, I don’t feel that it has been an accident or good luck that they have all turned out to be well rounded professional craftsmen.

I feel SETA’s development of Allied Bakeries apprentices has been second to none and I have only the highest appreciation of the professional and thorough manner in which SETA have helped Allied Bakeries develop its staff.

In summary, SETA continue to be a real asset to Allied Bakeries

Allied Bakeries, 2010