Our learners safety and well-being is a priority.
Our dedicated Safeguarding team are:
Safeguarding Lead: Julie Burns & Our Mental Health Lead: Louise Pollitt        who are here to help  – In confidence!
Call the safeguarding team during office hours, (8am to 4:30pm) on

07783 772324 or click here to email directly



SETA aims to create and maintain a safe learning environment where all learners and vulnerable adults and staff feel safe, secure and valued and know they will be listened to and taken seriously.

SETA is committed to this and implements policies, practices and procedures which promote safeguarding and the emotional and physical wellbeing of young people and staff.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people goes beyond implementing basic child protection procedures. It is an integral part of all activities and functions of SETA. We have a safeguarding policy in place which complements and supports other relevant policies.

For more information see our Safeguarding policy.

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Safeguarding and Mental Health

During Covid -19 Pandemic we are conscious that there have been extra pressures on young adults, families and businesses and we have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our learners and staff.

We have designated Safeguarding and Mental Health leads for advice and any concerns and all staff are trained in safeguarding and Mental Health awareness.

If you have any concerns around abuse or you are worried about the safety of a learner, peer or employee. Please contact the safeguarding team.