Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Practice (3654-06)

Equivalent to the NEBOSH Diploma the Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety is a
competence based’ qualification enabling a practical route for safety professionals to gain chartered
status with IOSH (for more information please see IOSH Membership Categories)

Am I eligible for this qualification?
If you are responsible for:
 Having an autonomous role within the organization for managing health & safety
 Being able to develop and implement health & safety policy
 Report at or to director level with the organization
 Being part of the senior management team of the organization
 Being able to recommend and implement relevant health and safety changes
 Being aware of costings and budgetary controls
Then you are already generating the evidence required to meet the criteria for the Level 5 Diploma in
Occupational Health & Safety.

What does it entail?

There are 11 mandatory units and *1 elective unit you must complete:

  1. 402 – Develop and implement effective communication systems for information health and safety
  2. 510 – Promote a positive health and safety culture
  3. 511 – Develop and maintain individual and organizational competence in health and safety matters
  4. 512 – Control health and safety risks
  5. 513 – Develop and implement proactive monitoring systems for health and safety
  6. 514 – Develop and implement reactive monitoring systems for health and safety
  7. 515 – Develop and implement health and safety emergency response systems and procedures
  8. 516 – Develop and implement health and safety review systems
  9. 517 – Develop and implement a health and safety audit
  10. 518 – Behaviourial safety in the workplace
  11. 610 – Develop and implement the health and safety policy
  12. *611 – Professional development and ethics in health and safety management (GradIOSH)

How much does it cost?

£1700 +VAT all inclusive of: • Course cost • City & Guilds Registration • Qualification Verification •City & Guilds Certification

What are the next steps to register?

• Ensure you are in a role that will enable you to generate the evidence required (see ‘Am I eligible’ above)

• Contact a member of the SETA team on 0161 480 9822 who will guide you through the qualification

• Once registered onto the course you will you will be placed on our online paperfree e-portfolio NVQ assessment programme

• Once you have completed the qualification you will be able to apply for your CMIOSH status

3654-06 NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
NVQ Level 5 Diploma FAQ

NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 How much does the Level 5 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety cost?

The cost of the NVQ costs £1700 + VAT.

Q.2 How long will it take to complete the Level 5 NVQ?

NVQ qualification is work based, and involves the collection of evidence from your normal day to day activities. The duration of the Level 5 NVQ therefore varies depending on the input of the individual. In average the NVQ should take 1218 months to complete. However the qualification may take much sooner to complete depending on the work rate and commitment of the individual.

Q.3. Who should undertake the Level 5 NVQ?

The Level 5 Diploma NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety Practice is suitable for those Supervisors, Managers and Consultants and other specialists with specific responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of others in the organisation. Those in role that will influence directors of the organisation.

Q.4 Where in the world is the City & Guilds Level 5 NVQ in Occupational Health and

Safety recognised?

The level 5 NVQ delivered by Seta is recognised worldwide.

Q.5 Do I need the endorsement of my employer to register?

No the employer does not need to endorse the registration but you must be in a position of sufficient authority within an organisation, to be able to produce the evidence for the qualification. This is generally confirmed by submission of your job role/descriptor/CV etc.

Q.6 When registered, is there any other involvement required by my employer? If yes can you please explain in brief?

Your employer will have to know and to authorise you to submit work which you have carried out for his as evidence, i.e. review health and safety policy, submit a copy of the policy showing your input. Copies of risk assessments, copies of safety communications etc There is a small possibility the employer may be contacted to verify the work is your own.

Q.7 What is the assistance provided by SETA during the course? Do I get allocated a mentor/ tutor, how do we communicate, etc?

Once you sign up for the course, you will be allocated an assessor/advisor who will support you throughout the qualification. This support is generally via email, telephone or even skype. The process is that you are provided with a password to gain access to an on line site where you can upload evidence to demonstrate your competence and a short explanation as to your input and involvement with the evidence. Your assessor will then assess the evidence for validity, currency and relevancy and if it acceptable will sign it off. You will be able to see the sign off when you next log on to the site. If the evidence is not sufficient, your assessor will insert a comment advising you what is missing and how you can demonstrate that the criteria have been met. You will then be able to make the changes or additions and resubmit your evidence.  You can constantly monitor your own progress on the site as a percentage of both the individual unit and the full qualification each time you sign on.

Q.8 Is the course externally monitored/ evaluated and how?

The qualification is internally verified by an appointed verifier who is competent in both the health and safety at your level or above and in quality assurance of the process. This is then externally verified by a verifier appointed by the awarding body, in this case City and Guilds, who will visit the SETA centre twice a year to confirm the assessments and that the quality assurance is in place and effective. Only if he is convinced that this is the case will he, on behalf of the awarding body, allow SETA to continue to offer the qualification.


Posted on

22nd November 2018