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Stockport Engineering Training Association Ltd (SETA) is committed to ensuring that employers have the skilled technical workforce for future growth. Engineering Apprenticeship address industry skill shortages and develops technical skills for your company. A strong Apprenticeship programme is a key factor in helping to achieve those goals.

This information is designed to assist you the employer who wants to introduce or improve an Apprenticeship programme in the workplace. It provides information on the support, funding and guidance available to you. It also makes you aware of the commitment that you need to make to any potential apprentices.

What is an Apprenticeship training?

Apprenticeships have appeared in many forms since the early 1800’s. Today Apprenticeship training is a combination of off the job training and qualifications in SETA’s fully equipped training centre, and on-the-job training on the employers premises to develop the Apprentices competence and ability in their technical role

As an Employer, what are the benefits to me in participating in an Apprenticeship programme?

Participating in an Apprenticeship programme ensures that you will have an employee that is not only trained to industry standards but you have the opportunity to introduce them to your specific workplace conditions and requirements.

An Apprenticeship programme will support the future needs of your business, address skills shortage ensuring your workforce of the future has the relevant skills, knowledge and commitment required to keep your business developing.

Plan your future workforce.

An Apprenticeship programme will allow you to have within your company a pool of experienced employees of different ages so that you will be better able to plan to meet future workforce needs due to any expansion plans that you may have or due to the retirement of older trades personnel.

Recruiting potential Apprentices through SETA’s Apprenticeship Programme is a cost-effective solution to training and retaining young workers.

SETA have almost 50 years of experience providing Apprenticeship programmes, many of clients have told us (and there is lots of other evidence available) that the apprentices that were hired developed a loyalty to the company, this in turn leads to a more stable and reliable workforce.

How do I know I’m getting the best person to meet the requirements of our Apprenticeship programme?

At SETA, we proactively promote engineering and apprenticeships to young people and offer guidance to help them to decide which career path is best for them.

  • Apprentices are a valuable resource and will be an important contributions to technical skills that employers need
  • Apprentices bring ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.
  • Being involved in Apprenticeship programmes enhances your public image and consumer loyalty.
  • Apprentices can be more effective than having to rely upon graduate recruitment or semi-skilled agency contract workers

As the Employer, what are my responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the employer will be discussed in detail when you first meet with a member of our recruitment team. In general, the employer is responsible for ensuring:

  • Your Apprentice must be given the opportunity for off-the-job training with SETA or at an alternative training centre
  • On-the-job training and supervision
  • A Safe Working Environment
  • The Apprentice needs a written contract of employment and a minimum Apprenticeship wage.

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Please contact us if you are an employer and need guidance on the new funding rules.

For further information and guidance please contact Mark Neild​

Mark Neild

Internal Operations Director

Tel: 0161 480 9822

email: MNeild@setatraining.com

What we offer:

  • Recruitment and Aptitude Testing to help with your interviewing and selection of apprentices.
  • Consultation with the employer to develop an appropriate training route for the apprentice.
  • Block release at SETA to complete NVQ 2 and BTEC technical certificate
  • Development of further technical skills required by the employer.
  • Funding towards day release at college to complete an appropriate technical certificate.
  • Funding towards the NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 apprenticeship qualifications.
  • Work based training and assessment with the help of SETA assessors to complete the relevant engineering NVQ3.
  • Consultation with employer on apprentice training progress.

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