Want to kick-start a career in engineering? Think Apprenticeship. 

We loved this article in the Bolton News on Wednesday! We definately agree that barriers need to be removed to help young people build their careers in engineering. Congrats to Sam Ball who works for MBDA who has been shortlisted for this year’s Bury and Business Awards this year. Sam stated that:

We have discussed the barriers which can prevent pupils from starting apprenticeships. These can include old-fashioned negative perceptions of apprenticeships.”

“We have shared our own experiences and highlighted recurring issues, most of which stam back to a lack of careers advice in schools and old fashioned perceptions of apprenticeships”

Sam perceives “apprenticeships as more of an investment by using the skills I already possess to complete my part-time degree, additional qualifications and work experience together, rather than complete a degree in isolation’ .

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Bottom photo shows from L-R: Dr Amanda Dowd Academic Director of Graduate Studies WMG presenting the award to UK MBDA’s HR Director Ian Seed with Sam Ball (MBDA), Bryony Smith General Manager UK MBDA, Liz Suthers HR Manager MBDA, and compere Michael Portillo

SETA have only one young lady apprentice, Beth Appleby employed by Jacobs engineering. However, we are actively encouraging more girls into engineering through targeting local Girls Schools and hosting workshops and talks.







Beth really enjoys her apprenticeship and is glad she has taken this route:

 “I am really pleased I chose to undertake an engineering apprenticeship as I am enjoying the varied training and am in full time paid employment with Jacobs whilst being  trained- we need to see more girls in engineering!” 

Beth Appleby, Design Engineer, Jacobs

If you are interested in engineering apprenticeships at SETA please contact Simon Artley or Julie Burns today: 0161 480 9822

SETA are recruiting engineering apprentices now!