Pictured are the candidates from our latest NEBOSH HSE Process Safety Management course held at SETA Training Centre in Stockport from 16th to 19th July with the examination on 20th July 2018.

The candidates for this new specialist qualification came from Romania, Russia, Scotland and London from a wide range of industrial backgrounds.

Candidate Kelvin Blackburn from Oranjie Nassav Energie BV. said:
“Good subject matter experience by the tutor, a great use of case study videos and discussion sessions all led to an interesting learning experience”.

Another candidate, Michael Bartleson stated: “I found the course very beneficial in every aspect”.

This new certificate delivered by SETA in their Training Centre in Stockport is designed for high hazard industries where process safety management is critically important, such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

It helps to protect people and valuable assets as it applies principles and best practice to manage process risks and will help further reduce health and safety risks in the process industries worldwide.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE COURSE: http://www.setatraining.com/project/nebosh-hse-certificate-process-safety-management/

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management (PSM)

Who can benefit from this course?

NEBOSH and Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the UK’s Health and Safety Regulator, developed this Process Safety Management (PSM) qualification taking the knowledge of best practices applied widely for process industries such as oil and gas, refinery, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food etc.

This qualification is a blend of engineering and management skills to provide process safety knowledge and understanding of recognised industrial practices to managers, supervisors and safety professionals to allow them to manage their process safety responsibilities to prevent catastrophic accidents and near misses associated with loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and hydrocarbons.

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