SETA’s Road Safety Awareness Event was a great success!

This highly engaging and interactive event included activities in which Apprentices were posing as casualties, to really highlight the importance of the road safety and responsible behaviour, that can prevent needless deaths and serious injuries. 

Taking care of our Apprentices whether via Health & Safety at work or making them aware of the hazards and dangers in life is of the upmost importance to us at SETA. As part of our Induction week for our new intake of Apprentices we arranged a Road Safety Awareness day.

This involved our Apprentices partaking in a day of awareness talks and presentations from Manchester Fire Rescue Service. Wendy Hall (Community Safety Team Leader), Lesley Allen (Other Emergencies Co-ordinator) led the awareness campaign within our centre then we went along to Whitehill Fire Station, South Reddish to meet with the Manchester Fire Service Rescue Road Safety team.
Our Apprentices were shown the full process required from a Road Rescue crew that a roadside collision may involve, a couple of students, Ryan Morris (Federal Mogul Apprentice) and Valter Neto (Cartwright Apprentice) got to enjoy the experience from the inside of the car being cut open by the crew! They later had a very moving story from Elaine Gordon who herself had the very sad experience of losing her son James in a road traffic incident back in 2009.

The well attended event was organised as part of Induction Week for new Engineering Apprentices starting their training at SETA Training and Skills Academy in Stockport this September. Thank you everyone for participation!

Over 50 SETA’s Apprentices employed by 19 companies in Stockport area are starting their career in engineering this September

SETA welcomed new Apprentices with a full week of special events including Induction Evening on September 6th.
New Apprentices, who are mostly recent year 11 and sixth form leavers, attended SETA Training & Skills Academy in Stockport with their parents before the start of their apprenticeship training.

The feedback from parents and new apprentices were that they were all very impressed with the centre and facilities. Parents also commented that they were delighted that their son/ daughter was attending SETA to complete their apprenticeships – commented Mark Neild, SETA Training Manager.

These Apprentices have been successful at securing an Apprenticeship this summer and many had applied directly to SETA to help them start their career. Their employers include Brother UK, NXP, Kratos, Cartwrights, Federal Mogul and Shepley Windows and many more.
We look forward to working with both new employers and long standing client companies.