At this time of year especially when the cold weather starts to creep in it is always never far from our thoughts about the people who have nowhere to go and do not know where their next warm meal will come from.
For the Wellspring at Stockport, this is a daily task, to ensure as many of Stockport’s homeless and disadvantaged people do not go without. SETA helped out with their ‘Rucksack Appeal’ last year, they pointed out that they get lots of donations of clothes but people forget the thousands of tea, coffee, soups and meals they provide daily and that they need that too!

We decided to do a food and beverage collection this year and on Thursday 19th 2019, 2 of our Engineering Apprentices Lewis Hall from Didsbury Engineering and Toby Hill from Bamford Doors, attended the Wellspring to drop off some warm coats and a food hamper.

The Wellspring is a warm and inviting place with welcoming staff.

If you would like to donate to the Wellspring or even volunteer a little of your time, please visit: