On Friday 13th December we hosted our annual Santa Dash for the second year running for When you Wish upon a Star! Following our charity walk in October Stockport Engineering Training Association (SETA) have already raised £2000 for the charity and are on track to raising £3000.

This will be enough funds to send 4 children to Lapland next Christmas. The rain stayed off this year which was a big bonus and the run went smoothly! It was a great turnout with over 40 SETA apprentices taking part in the 2 mile race around Woodbank Park, Stockport dressed in Santa Suits! The race consisted of two loops around the track and Woodbank Park …..a struggle for many apprentices in their full Santa attire!

A big thanks to Alan Dilkes from Stockport Harriers for providing us with access to the athletics Track at Woodbank Park and helping with the organisation of the event.

The top 3 finishers were:

  1. Aaron Matthews (SETA apprentice)
  2. Neil Roe (Northern Rail)
  3. Keiron Walters (Jacobs)

Aaran Mathews








Aaran Matthews stated that:

“It was a great way to raise money for When you Wish upon a Star. I hadn’t heard of the charity before joining SETA who have done a good job at raising awareness and money for the charity. I am enjoying SETA and Friday was a good chance to get outdoors and do something different for charity.”


Keiron Walters said:

“I enjoyed the race on Friday however I wish I had prepared more as I didn’t realise how hard it would be! However the race was a fun way to raise the money for charity.”