On Monday 15th June 2020, SETA are opening their Training and Skills Academy to allow their Apprentices to carry on with their training.

Russell Prince the Chief Executive of SETA said;

“ The Academy has been closed for some time now, due to the COVID situation. During this period of lockdown, the staff at SETA have worked tirelessly to ensure that our learners/apprentices have been kept engaged and they have been able to continue progress to attaining their qualifications.

Over recent weeks my OPS Board and staff members have also been preparing the Training and Skills Academy for the return to work of the learners/apprentices.

We have put in place measures to ensure that social distancing measures can be maintain whilst inside the Academy.

I would like to thank all the staff for their efforts during this period of lockdown, and I look forward to welcoming more staff and learners/apprentices back into work over the coming weeks”.