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Photo left: Ian Dooley, SETA Staff Award for the biggest impact on apprentices with Award winners: Greg Mellor(left), Electrical Section Winner, Charles Cone, SETA Apprentice of the Year and Daniel Floyd, BTEC Award Winner (right).

SETA celebrates in style at the Annual Awards Evening! 

SETA celebrated in style at the SETA Annual Award Presentation 2013 was hosted at Houldsworth Golf Club, Stockport on Friday 12th April 2013 with special guest Chelsea Spokes, KEY 103 presenter!

Over 200 parents, employers, apprentices and staff attended the event to celebrate the success of the young people at SETA. The CEO, Russell Prince, directors and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bob Howarth enjoyed mixing with young people and parents at the event.The CEO, Russell Prince, led the event and the special guest was Chelsea Spokes, Presenter for KEY 103, Breakfast show, who was delighted to present the apprenticeship awards.

There was a great deal of support from employers who attended the event such as Jacobs, Hope Construction Materials and Monopumps.

Ruth Jagger, Deputy Manager from the charity ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ enjoyed attending the event and presenting the big cheque to SETA. In 2012/13 SETA raised £2,800 for the charity through its sponsored walk and sponsored Santa Dash. The charity raises money for terminally ill children in the UK (see quote from Ruth below).

SETA put on a good spread (chilli!) which Chelsea Spokes was impressed by. The lads enjoyed the cheap bar and headed into town after the event to continue the evening’s celebrations.

Awards (apprentice and employer named):   beth 3

SETA Apprentice of the Year Award (sponsored by Mono Pumps) – Charles Cone, Hope Construction Materials

BTEC Award (Sponsored by Street Crane Ltd) – Daniel Floyd, Hope Construction Materials

Electrical Section Award 1ST(sponsored by ABM Electrical Wholesale)  – Greg Mellor, Hope Construction Materials

Group Presentation Award (sponsored by HPP Associates) – Beth Appleby, David Huxley, Lewis Roylance and Jake McDarmaid all employed by Jacobs Engineering

SETA Staff Award for having the most impact on the Apprentices– Ian Dooley, SETA

STAR Award for services to SETA over the years- Paul Smith (Employer), Mono Pumps

STAR Award Support for Apprenticeships and SETA Training & Advisory Services Ltd- Barbara Smith (Graduate Programme Manager, Amec)

Mechanical Maintenance Section Award 1st Nathan Horrabin, ATB Morley

Fabrication & Welding 1st– Daniel Goldstraw, Swift Welding

VRQ Award- Steven Chetwood, Wymbs Engineering

Health & Safety Award 1st- George Ellis, Costain

Machining Section Award 1st – Martin Bradshaw, Monopumps

Mechanical Fitting Section Award 1st– Jack Kelly, Baerlocher

Most Improved Apprentice Award– Stephen Shields, Presbar Diecastings

Russell Prince, SETA Chief Executive Officer:

“I think the event was a big success and also an opportunity for both Employers and Parents to share in the success of all the Apprentices who attended not just the prize winners.

The standard of the Apprentices is extremely high, which going to beneficial to their Employers, when they return back to their companies after completing their initial training in the SETA Centre

Thank You to all the Apprentices, Employer , Parents and Staff Members for making it a wonderful evening.”

CEO Russell Prince (Left) with Barbara Smith, Deputy Manager, Amec (Middle) SETA STAR Award Winner

CEO Russell Prince (Left) with Barbara Smith, Deputy Manager, Amec (Middle) SETA STAR Award Winner











Ruth Jagger, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ Deputy Manager:

“I was so impressed with the whole concept of what you offer for young people and the support you not only give in a learning capacity but on a personal level to encourage them to become thoughtful, caring and  understanding members of society.  We were delighted to be chosen as your charity of the year for 2012/13 and we are  extremely grateful for the fantastic donation of £2800.00, which I received during the Awards Evening.

Your donation will allow four very sick children to  join us on our annual flight to Lapland this December, where they will get to meet the real Father Christmas in person.  This very special date has been put in their diary because of the dedication to fundraise by the apprentices at SETA.”

wish upon a star

Ruth Jagger(left) being awarded cheque by SETA Apprentices Tom Costello and Joel Barden










Charles Cone, SETA Apprentice of the Year 2013:

“I was pleased to receive the SETA Apprentice of the Year 2013 and I really enjoyed the event. There were lots of people there including employers, staff and parents so it was good to mix with people. I am looking forward to starting full-time work with Hope Construction Materials.”

Charles Cone, SETA Apprentice of the Year

Charles Cone, SETA Apprentice of the Year











Daniel Floyde, BTEC Award 2013:

“I received two awards 1st in the BTEC Award and 2nd in the Health & Safety Award which I was pleased with and it was great to get recognition from SETA. It was a well-rounded evening and a nice mix of class, humour and sophistication and a good chance for everyone to mix.”

Beth Appleby, Group Presentation Award Member:   

“The Awards Evening was fun as it was good to socialise with the apprentices, friends and staff. The awards are important for us to keep motivated by receiving recognition for our hard work. It was good to see other apprentices achieve and support everyone. I am really pleased I decided to do an engineering apprenticeship at SETA and it would be great to get more girls involved in engineering as I love my job.”

Beth Appleby (right) with parent

Beth Appleby (right) with parent









 Greg Mellor (Electrical Section Award Winner):

“I was glad to get the Electrical Section Award as it relates to my job and will improve my career progression and opportunities. I delivered the ‘Voice of an Apprentice’ speech on the evening which was really nerve wracking as I didn’t know there was going to be so many people! The highlight was meeting Chelsea Spokes.” 

Greg Mellor










Thank you for a fantastic evening and congratulation to all the talented young people at SETA!