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Interested in an Engineering Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are available to UK residents within the North West of England.

Call us today and start your journey to exciting technical career!

  • Arrange a tour of SETA’s Learning and Skills Academy
  • Meet current apprentices and find out about the apprentice experience and the practical and theoretical training
  • Discuss with members of staff the application process, employment and qualifications delivered
  • UK APPLICANTS ONLY – Overseas applicants can not be accepted
  • Please email completed form along with a short personal statement and a copy of your current identification to apprenticeships@setatraining.com

Engineering Apprenticeships

Electrical & Electronics

Fabrication & Welding

Engineering Maintenance 

Machining & Fitting

Project Control 

Design & Draughting 

Safety, Health and Environment Technician, Level 3 Apprenticeship

NEW to SETA – Click for more information on this exciting new Apprenticeship in Health & Safety

We are often asked how an apprenticeship compares to college. The main difference is you are getting paid, while you are learning.

Apprenticeships give you sought after work experience and relevant training, as well as recognized qualifications that can enable you to continue your education to Degree level.

You will still need to study, but you learn skills that can help you start a rewarding career.

SETA is one of the leading engineering training providers in the North West, helping young people succeed in engineering careers since 1966.

SETA is also now delivering Higher Apprenticeships in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.
In 2021 we celebrated 55 years of delivering the finest industrial, safety and business training.

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships in disciplines including:

  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Engineering Design and Draughting

Is an apprenticeship the right career path for you?


An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain nationally recognized qualifications and develop new skills, whilst earning money and building a relationship with an employer, in a real job.

Quality training >> Recognized qualifications >> Exciting career >>Secure future

“I got into engineering as I feel once you have got into it as a career, you will most likely stick with it for the rest of your life as there are so many opportunities out there. Also I find it interesting as I like to find out how things work and seeing the final product that I have made from start to end.” Charlotte Walker, 3rd year Design Engineering Apprentice at Jacobs Engineering

For more detailed information about how to apply please call us on 0161 480 9822



The Investment



  • Commitment: You need to be punctual, reliable and trustworthy
  • Grades: You’ll need 4 or more GCSE’s (or equivalent) at grades A-C which must include Maths, Science and English

SETA Training

  • Fully equipped training centre
  • Job vacancy matching service
  • Experienced tutors and assessors
  • Exceptional support for apprentices

YOUR Employer

  • Job offer: including regular wage and paid holidays
  • Work experience
  • Time to train and learn
  • Support of the colleagues


From awards and recognition to raising money for those amazing charities, being apprentice with SETA is so much more than I expected!


I was pleased to get the Electrical Section Award as it relates to my job and will improve my career progression and opportunities

“I never thought I would be showing a presentation about women in engineering
to almost 50 Chief Executives at a National Conference” Sarah Chadwick, Jacobs Engineering

“I received two awards 1st in the BTEC Award and 2nd in the Health & Safety Award, which I was pleased with, and it was great to get recognition from SETA”



How Much Can Engineers Earn?

As an apprentice, you are earning wage right from the start.

You are guaranteed minimum wage, however, as skills develop, many employers tend to increase wages – in fact, research has found that apprentices earn an average of £150 net pay per week.

The apprentice NMW applies to all 16 to 18 year old apprentices and to those aged 19 and over in the first year of their Apprenticeship.

Example earnings comparison, as per survey by Engineering Council:

£63,000 Chartered Engineer
£45,358 Solicitor
£42,563 Architect

Q: Do I have to pay to become an apprentice?

A: No, just the opposite! Your employer pays you salary as you undertake training with SETA and your employer.

Q: Can you help me find a job?

A: You need a job to complete an apprenticeship, and we are there to help you every step of the way:

  • we help you through our apprenticeship vacancy matching service
  • we help you prepare for a job interview
  • we provide helpful hints and tips for approaching companies directly

Q: How far can I go with an apprenticeship?

A: We are often asked how apprenticeship compares to college.The main difference is you are getting paid, while learning.

Apprenticeship gives you sought after work experience and relevant training, as well as recognized qualifications that enable you to continue your education to a Degree level.

You will still need to study, but you learn skills that can help you start a rewarding career.



Apprenticeships are nationally recognised work based learning programmes specifically designed to meet the requirements of different occupations.


There are three levels of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship – duration approximately 24 months, qualification Level NVQ 2  suitable for non-complex jobs, this includes an online self study technical certificate and examination
  • Advanced Apprenticeship – duration approximately 36- 42 months, qualification level NVQ 3 in engineering discipline, suitable for more complex jobs
  • Higher Apprenticeship – duration 36-48 months aimed at those with aspirations to achieve higher level skills and become leaders and managers

Read more here: Apprenticeships:Parent Information

Apprentices are given a strong foundation in engineering through practical and theoretical training, undertaking relevant technical certificate, like the BTEC Level 3 engineering diploma.







SETA is now delivering Higher Apprenticeships in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering!

What are Higher Apprenticeships?
The Higher Apprenticeship framework has been designed to provide the manufacturing and engineering sector with high grade technicians and engineers who have practical skills, combined with a higher education qualification.

Who can undertake the qualification?
The framework facilitates progression to Level 5/6 and Incorporate Engineer status.
Generally all age groups can apply for the Higher Apprenticeship framework and this should be considered as an alternative to graduate recruitment with obvious benefits to employers and apprentices.

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